Should I get another cat for my current cat?

by sarah

Hi, I have a half Ragdoll/half Snowshoe cat and have a few queires.

1) I work in the day and he is in the house on his own. Is he lonely and i'm thinking of getting him a buddy? Answer, This is not necessarily the case. As long as the cat has plenty of things to keep him stimulated throughout the day then being on his own is Ok. please see this page for more on this Often getting another cat only causes more upset as there are no guarantee that they will get on at all.

2) I let him out in the garden and he loves going outside but I do worry about him and the traffic. He did run out on the road and got hit by a car and amazingly was ok . he is a bit more wary of roads now but is it safe to let this breed outside? Answer by KAte, This question is a contentious one. The breed of the cat does not matter. Personally I have always believed that a cat need the freedom to be allowed outside. there are many people who disagree. There are options for creating an enclosed area outside if that would be a halfway house for your current situation.

i would say that your cat is probably very wary of the road now and is more likely to give it a wide berth now.

My in laws have always had cats there whole life and they live by a very busy road and in all the years they have never lost a cat to the road. However accidents do happen and so it is your own personal choice as to what you want to do.

best wishes Kate

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by: Anonymous

thanks for your comments. i have not got another cat but he does seem to enjoy chasing the other cats in the area around.

I do let him out and i have never seen him near the busy road where he got hit (fortunately). so seems ok so far.

is getting a bit too proficient at catching birds now though.

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