Should I have my cat put to sleep?

by jennifer

My cat turned 16 last month and until a few months ago, seemed ok despite his kidney failure. He was eating well, going outside, drinking plenty and his stools were firm. He was very affectionate always wanting a cuddle or to sit on my lap.

However this has changed. He incessantly meows even though he has fresh food, water and litter. If I give him a cuddle it stops momentarily- but he rarely seeks me for a cuddle now. It's as though he is trying to avoid social interaction, which is very unlike him. He stalks around the house in a daze or is fast asleep on his bed or in the flower pot in the garden.

He has started pooing on the carpet, instead of his litter even if it has just been changed and his appetite is not what it used to be. He feels lighter. His stools are rarely firm, very loose. I love him to bits and while I don't want to lose him, I hate the thought that his meowing is him trying to tell me he is unhappy/ in pain. My friends tell me that I am being selfish contemplating putting him down when he is 'happy' but how can I tell?

Hi Jennifer
First of all you mustn't assume anything until you have seen a vet. Just because your cat is 16 ans is displaying symptoms of ill health, this does not necessarily mean the end. there
are all sorts of medical conditions which could be attributed to these symptoms and many of them may be treatable.

The first thing to do is to get yourself fully informed before you can make any sort of decision about your cat. You must take your cat to see a vet. At the end of the day the vet is there is give you advice. they cannot make you do anything at all, but they can make your decision making process a lot easier.

i had an old cat who had a heart murmur and a thyroid condition. She lived a long and happy life for many years with medication.

I fully understand your worry. Having to make the decision to put your cat down is never easy, but from experience I have learned that without all the information it is impossible. for me making the final decision was made slightly easier by having all the options at my disposal.

So don't delay, take your cat to the vet and find out the cause of your cats illness. If it is an illness at all. it may simply be old age and he's not suffering at all just suffering from old age. I have a page about senior cats and some of the things which can happen. here is the page for further information

I also have some pages about euthanasia which you may also find of help when the time comes

best wishes kate

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