Should I put my cat to sleep?

by carmel

my cat is approx 17 years old, she is tortishelle in colour, despite her deafness which she has had from kittenhood she has managed to have a long healthy and happy life.

Recently her eyes have become clouded over and we feel her sight has deteriorated as she is constantly bumping into things, she has also started walking round in circles constantly over the past couple of months.She has also began to howl loudly on occassions, she sleeps most of the day (enjoys the sunshine --now from a cushion in the front room window) my husband has suggested we get her put to sleep as her quality of life is poor, i`m not convinced, what do you think?if i felt she was suffering i would not hesitate,but i`m not sure.

Answer from Kate
All the things you have described from the howling and the walking around in circles etc are all signs of old age and are common symptoms. Please see my page here about senior cat problems.

However making the decision about your cats quality of life is something only you as their friend and owner can tell. However this is my opinion. i have always said that as long as my cat is not in pain, can eat and drink and can still enjoy a tickle i would not put them to sleep. once those things change then thats the time to consider helping them. Also having a good vet who will give you an honest opinion on the cats health is always a god send too. My vet has helped me in the past to make the decision when the time came.

however from you cats situation as I say only you can make the final decision, never an easy one, but you will know when the time is right.

I have another page about cat euthanasia which you may also find of further interest here.

I wish youb all the best


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Re: Is It Time to put my cat to sleep?
by: Anonymous

It sounds like your cat has a bit of dementia and general disorientation (the circling and walking around aimlessly). 17 years old is a very old cat.

It sounds like her quality of life has diminished. We just put our 12 year old cat to sleep due to cancer of the lungs and kidney disease. I kept thinking - she eats, even though she was losing weight and having horrible coughing spells. She also started hiding more and more. I was afraid we would find her dead.

Please. Take your time. Think about how your cat was when he/she was "most normal" and then put yourself in your cat's place now at 17.

It is hard for you and those of us who still see our cats having "good moments". That is what tugs at our hearts. I finally did what was "best" for her, and she is now out of pain and is at peace.

Good luck to you and please do not feel guilty with your decision.

my little old lady
by: carmel

thanks kate,
my little old lady continues in the same way as before, i have taken her to the vet who reassured me she is not in any pain or discomfort, she sleeps most of the day in her basket by fire, uses her litter tray (occassional accidents), is eating well , will jump on whatever lap is available for a cuddle,she continues to circle floor as if disorientated but responds well when picked up and cuddled.i will continue as we are for now , i`m sure she will let me know when its time for her to go....
thanks again,

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