siamese cat unwell

by Nancy
(Waynoka, Ok USA)

I noticed yesterday that my siamese cat is just laying around. He doesnt go outside at all and we give him inside purina cat food.

I took him some water lastnight and he drank alittle bit of it. This morning he did go to his food bowl and drink alittle. But he still just lays and acts like hes weak and doesnt really want to walk anywhere.

Answer by Kate
Sounds like something is definitely making him feel unwell but sometimes it is just a little virus similar to the ones we get that make you feel a little rough for a few days but eventually die out.

My advice would be to keep an eye on him for a day or two and just make sure he has plenty of fresh water available to drink and give him some space and quiet. Hopefully he will pick up in a day or two but if not and if you think he may be getting worse then do not hesitate to take him to see a vet in case there is something more serious going on.

i think it is too early to start worrying at this point.

Hope he is better soon and back to his old self

best wishes Kate

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