sick cat

by brittany zillner
(overland park kansas)

hello i found my cat about two months ago outside of my work he was extremely skinny and looked like he has been homeless for quite awhile, so i took him in.

He has never had a accident, he always goes to the bathroom in his litter box, which makes me think that he had a home but was just not fed. he only comes to see me at night, all day he hides behind our dryer, he wont even come out to eat unless i pull him out. ive had him on a ID diet its can food called ID. whick he loves but makes his poop black and hard, also he hasnt drank any water in three days! he is still verry skinny, and not playful, seems scared all the time, and also his tail is always curled into his stomach like in betwen his legs. im scared that he is gonna die. i dont have any money to take him in. please help i dont know what to do i love my kitty and dont want him to die!!!!

Answer by Kate
i have never heard of that brand of food before. is it a high quality one? if not i would suggest feeding him something of a better quality to ensure that it contains all the right nutrients to keep a cat healthy.

Also he really does need to drink more, his poop is showing signs of dehydration. I find that if you feed a cat some dry cat food it encourages them to drink water. Again make sure that the brand is a good quality one as the cheaper brands contain a lot of ash.

As for his behavior, he sounds like a very sacred kitty and if so he needs time to calm down, you shouldn't really drag him out to feed as this will only make him mre fearful. Instead put his food down and leave him to it, he will come out when he feels safe.

please see my web page about scared cats here for more information

However at the end of the day the only way to ensure your cat remains healthy is to have them checked out by a vet. he may have picked something up while he was a stray and only a vet will be able to fully examine him and treat for any underlining illnesses.

best wishes Kate

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