Sick cat-vets and emergency animal hospital have no answers!

by Tamara
(Nj )

Hi there, we have a cat that turned 2 this past august. She was born at my sisters house and at 8 weeks old we got her. She has been a healthy cat, good weight and playful. She is up to date on all of her vaccinations and is an indoor cat. Thursday 9-9 she started acting strange and we took her to the animal hospital because she was panting heavily, meowing and vomiting. The vet said she did not have a temperature. They found nothing wrong so we brought the cat home with us. On Friday the cat didn't eat or drink anything, and on Saturday she went back to the local vet for an exam because she was again panting and meowing and wouldn't let anyone get near her. At the hospital she weighed 7 pounds 10 ounces. When she went to the local vet she weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces. The vet found nothing in the X-rays and again the cat didn't have a temperature. The vet said she was border line dehydrated and we should force fluids into her, which we did. Saturday she ate some treats and some tuna because the vet said to give her whatever she will eat. This morning (Sunday) she meowed again, vomited two times and still refuses to eat. The liquids she is getting are the ones we are forcing her. She has not urinated or defacated. We will call the vet again tomorrow for bloodwork, but no one knows what is wrong and we fear it's something serious and she is suffering. Have you heard anything like this before and is there any advice? I think the vet will tell us she has to stay there to be hydrated and whatnot. She is just so young and my family is really concerned. Thanks for your time!

Answer from KAte
Oh Tamara i am so sorry to hear of your cats sickness. It really does sound rather strange. from what you say i think it would be a good idea for the cat to spend a day or two at the hospital so that she can be monitored more closely and as you say rehydrate her.

Sometimes a period away from the home setting can help, sometimes it can even highlight possible problems at home, perhaps something she is eating which is poisonous (some plants etc or even paint or cleaners) sometimes you just don't know what they get up to.

I am at a loss at what else to suggest really and i hope the vets can get to the bottom of it all soon

best wishes KAte

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