Sick kitten. Worried.

by Kaleigh

My kitten is not very old. He's still a baby. But all of a sudden he has be twitching, clawing and is not balancing very well when he walks. I just really would like to know what is wrong with him because I'm very worried and love him very much.

Hi Kaleigh

Unfortunately from what you have described it is impossible to give you a diagnosis.

You say your kitten is still a baby but i don't know what you mean. Do mean weeks of months old.

You must make sure that your kitten does not have fleas. Fleas can actually kill very young cats as they cause anemia. So the first thing you need to do is to check for this.

If you can not see any fleas or flea dirts then your only option is to take him to see a vet. in fact if your kitten looks unwell now and even if it is caused by fleas I would still take him to the vets. Very young cats can fade very quickly and so it is better to be safe than sorry I think.

I hope your kitten is better soon

I have lots of pages here on the site about kitten care and also health problems such as fleas. It is worth reading through them so that you know what you are looking out for etc.


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He's better.(:
by: Kaleigh

Actually he has gotten better. I think it was the worm medicine. It was too strong for him but now he's running around being a happy kitty. (:

Getting worse.
by: Kaleigh

Yes, I ment he is a about 3 months old or so. It's not fleas causing this. It's something else. I go and check on him and he's in the same spot moewing at nothing, and his eyes arent full like they use to be. He won't really let anyone touch him, I tried and he scratched my hand up pretty bad.... He walks as if he's in pain.

Then your only option is to take him to see a vet as soon as you can. Sometimes it simply is not worth trying to guess or wait to see if things get better.

Your cat may be in pain and so you need to seek professional advice from a vet.

best wishes kate

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