sick kitties

I have a total of 5 (2 are my sons he lives with me)cats 1 dog,1 kitten that adopted my son he took him in when I left last friday for camping my cats was fine, but my female has been coming down with something maybe due to teh fleas she is allergect to not sure, but we left last friday they seemd pretty good when I came home sunday everyone even the kitten was sick, it was cold as sin in our mobile home, the kitten,my female and my son's male was laying around running noise's males have a small sore at the end of there noise female has a sore around her mouth there heads feel warm,then my older male started with it but his ears at times looked white inside and cold but he is doing the same thing but the noise is not sore O and they drool out there mouth,then my other male and son's female comes down with the same thing, but his female has a sore and my male doesn't have the sore on his noise they lay around do not eat drink very little and feel feverish on there heads, the kitten has been drinking and playing the rest is still down and out, O the kitten and my son's female when they clean themselves are very wet and when teh fur drys it is startchy feeling like hair spray was sprayed on them well NOT that bad but still.

PLEASE can you help me to figure out what is going on with my pets, my dog now is laying around and he went camping with me and he has eye bugers unreal he was eating last night they was hanging down off hsi face pretty grose.

Answer by Kate
I am not sure why you have not telephoned your local vet for some advice or even better arranged for a visit. Your animals are obviously sick and in need of some medical care which only a vet can do. This is not something which can be diagnosed over the internet.

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