Sick Kitty - April 10th 2011

by Kate

I fear that my Byron is not very well. I have been keeping an eye on him over the last 3 days to see if he perks up which is often the case when one of our cats is under the weather. But in this case he just isn't getting any better.

Now Byron was always the most adventurous of our cats. he would be outside for long periods of time and always be the first one out the door in the morning. he was also top cat in the house and Shelley knew it. But just lately he has been losing weight and become lethargic. Not wanting to go out much or for long periods of time and letting Shelly have his bed etc without any fight (this is unusual).

We have been monitoring his food intake and have come to realize that he is simply not eating very much at all. When he does it is just a small amount. The final warning bell came when we offered him his favorite treat and he sniffed it and then just sat forlorn looking at it before walking away. A cat who does not want his treats is definitely not well.

We are wondering if he may have a bad tooth (even though he is only 20 months old) as he seems to have trouble chewing or holding the food in his mouth. The other possibility is that we found one of his favorite toy mice completely shredded with half its fluffy contents missing. we fear Byron may have eaten it and bunged himself up.

Any way a trip to the vets tomorrow looks like it may be on the cards. I can't bear to see him so sad and so thin too. Lets hope the vet can sort him out quickly.


Sick Kitty
by: Mary in NC

I am sending you and Byron well wishes for his trip to the vet.
I know all too well how it feels to see our fur babies ill or not themselves.
Blessings and Prayers to you all

Mary in NC

THanks Mary I will.

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"Get well soon!"
by: Emily

I just hope Byron is alright now:)I have to say that he's a beauty!!! Get well soon, Byron!!

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