Sick Kitty Update - 12th April 2011

by Kate

Hi everyone

Well we did end up taking Byron to the vets today (we are now another £74 lighter ). the vet took a good look in his mouth and could see nothing and so was just about to suggest some blood tests when he noticed a lump at the base of Byron's tail.

Byron received a very nasty bite there in January from a stray cat and it looks like he has either been got again or the old would did not completely heal. the lump was full of pus YUK and so the vet was sure that this was what was causing Byron's loss of appetite and general moodiness.

So a pain relieving injections and antibiotic injection was given plus the would was expelled of pus (again YUK) and like a miracle Byron is eating again and is generally the pussy cat we all love.

we need to keep an eye on his would and to make sure he keeps on eating etc over the coming week but lets hope he is now on the mend.

thank you for all your kind words yesterday, it's good to know that we all as cat lovers and owners feel the same worry when our furry friends get sick.


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Sick Kitty Upodate
by: Mary in NC

I am happy that Byron is on the road to being his old self.
I also have a cat who had an abscess on his tail several years ago which made him VERY sick.
He would not eat and had no interests in the old things that he use to love.
Once the tail was treated (also from a bite from a stray) (this was before I started keeping ALL my cats inside) he was his old self.
However, there was one thing that came from that which was unexpected.
The bite would was responsible for Max developing
FIV. Max is now 14 and handling the disease fairly well but anytime a cat receives a deep bite would that results in an abscess they should be tested for FIV as strays are well known for spreading this disease.
I certainly hope this is NOT the case for Byron, but it is best to be safe.
Best wishes to you and Byron

Mary in NC

p.s I know you remember Michael O'Brien, right?
Are you aware that it was his hometown in New Zealand that got hit recently by the huge earthquake.
I was terrified and worried for him as there was no word on him for two weeks but I have since heard from him and he and his family is SAFE.

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