sick or old kitty?

My h3alty Cat Tasha aka Moo Moo :]

My h3alty Cat Tasha aka Moo Moo :]

I have a female cat who is about 9 yrs old. recently we had to move due to the death of my mother. so we took my cat with us to a new place to live. for the last week or so she's been acting very different. we have to feed her because she's not eating right. she's been peeing everywhere she is laying down. she only wants to stay in a little closet and it looks like she's in pain or scared. she walks a little funny now and i was looking at her tummy and it was really red but today it was calming down. it is a light pink color now. she just wants to lay down all the time in the dark. im not sure what is wrong with her. i love her so much and would be very sad if she passes. she is family. she also is losing hair. any ideas? i honestly cant afford to take her to the vet right now..this is upsetting.

Answer by Kate
well this is very difficult to answer. it may be that she is upset my the recent move and new surroundings and this has affected her, however some of the symptoms you sugggest, ie the walking problem, the laying around and not eating etc could all suggest that she may have an underlining illness. unfortunately only a vet will be able to determine this.

if i were you i would give it another wekk perhaps 9as long her sysmptoms don't worsen0 and then if she is still not herself she will need to see a vet. if there is a underlining illness then the sooner a vet can diagnose the problem and treat it the better.

Don't try and force feed her food, she will eat when she is ready and by forcing her to eat etc you could be making her anxieties worse. give her some space, provide food and water for her so she can eat if she wants and allow her to settle in to her new home. hopefully thats all it is.

can i say that from her picture she does lookn a little over weight and this could be causing her problems in her legs, so a check up at the vets would be a good idea anyway. Our loved ones an cost us money from time to time but it is worth all the happy and loving years we have with them.

best wishes KAte

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