Sick six month old kitten

My name is Heidi and I am e-mailing you because I am concerned about my 6 month old kitten. Just recently my boyfriend and I bought a pumpkin, which our kitten Ali really took a liking to. We thought it was odd but she liked to lick the pumpkin. At the time we didn't think anything of it but just recently she seems to be ill. Ali's food intake has decreased a lot and her energy level has substantially decreased. She has always been so full of life and would eat more than my boyfriend and I combined but now she has just not been herself. My boyfriend and I have been struggling with employment recently and can not afford to take Ali to the vet right now but we are very concerned about her. We were wondering if maybe there could have been any type of pesticides of some type on the pumpkin that may have made her ill. Please any advice you could lend us would be helpful.

Answer by Kate
Hi well yes it is quite possible that the pumpkin did have some sort of chemical on it, but I would have thought that it would be fairly safe as it was used on a food stuff.

it may be that the amount the cat licked has had the effect.

All i would recommend is that you make sure your cat does not have access to the pumpkin again and that she has plenty of fresh water to drink. Don't worry if she does not eat well for a day or so but they must drink.

hopefully whatever it was will work its way through the system and that they will be better soon. However if the symptoms get worse and if they persist for more that two or three days then i would really suggest that you would have to get them to a see a vet somehow, in case it is something else which is making her ill.

i hope they are better soon

best wishes Kate

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