Single kitten depressed?

by A R Chaudary




We bought Kai, a tabby and white kitten a couple of months ago. He is now almost 18 weeks old (was almost 9 weeks old when we bought him). He has been fine so far, a bit mad, but recently doesn't seem to want to be picked up and seems quite down. He also wanders about and miaows for no reason a lot and runs away when you go near him but not towards anything in particular.

He is an indoor-only cat and we live near a main road so would prefer it to stay that way. There is almost always someone at home and in the evenings when everyone's in he is spoilt for attention as everyone adores him. Is too much attention bad as everyone wants to hold / play with him when they are home? We tried to leave him alone a bit but if you don't give him attention he comes up and bites!

I am concerned we might have made a mistake getting just one but I don't think we could afford more. Is it cruel to keep the one, do cats have to have other kitty interactions? I was led to believe that 1 would be fine as they are not pack animals, my friends who have cats have one and they seem to be content. But am doubting it......

Anxious first-time cat owner

Answer by Kate
Firstly let me put your mind at rest. Cats are NOT pack animals like dogs and indeed do not need other cats around, in fact often cats do not get on and it can actually make the problem worse.

It simply be that your cat is a bit bored with his environement, especially being a kitten with all their energy. Please read my page about idoor cats under the cat care heading on this site for some ideas as to how to keep yur kittne happy.

Also you didn't mention if they are spayed or not, if not then i would recommend it as it will help calm them down and be so frustrated etc.

As long as you have provided vaccinations, flease and worm treatment etc i wouldn't worry too much. Kittens can often be a little skittish.

Kai looks gorgeous by the way.

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