Sisqo The Brittish Kitty

by Mary
(North Carolina)

Sisqo is a 7 year old handsome fella who was born in London England. His prior owners was missionaries who traveled abroad working in countries needing churches to be built.

In the summer of 2002 they adopted a kitten from a pet shop in London and named him Sisqo.
Sisqo spent the first 3 years of his life in England and then a year in Italy before his owners returned to the USA to live close to family.
In the fall of 2007, my rescue got a call from his owners saying they needed to surrender their cat as they had been assigned to go to Nigeria and Africa for 3 years and their vet told them that animals do not fare well in the part of the country they would be working and residing in.
The vet said there would not be adequate veterinary care there and the water supply would possibly be an issue for him.
As bad as it broke their heart, they knew they could not risk his good health by taking him where he could not get proper veterinary care if needed.

As an act of love for their beautiful brittish born boy, they chose to surrender him to a rescue that promised to find him a loving forever home and love him as they had.
The day I went to pick him up, there was alot of tears and emotions as they was having to say their goodbyes to him.
I dont know who cried more, them or me.
It was very emotional and I could see Sisqo was quite the special cat who had been well loved all his life.

Sisqo was and still is a cat who does NOT meow.
Instead, he hisses and howels to communicate.
I knew he would have a difficult time getting adopted as his hisses are very intimidating to someone who dont know him.
He comes across as a cat who is going to bite you when in truth, he is only "talking" in his Brit language.
I decided to keep him for my own to make sure this handsome brittish boy would always get the love and attention he had always gotton from his prior owners.
He deserved nothing but the best as he was always spoiled.

He is a very welcome addition to my large feline family and I have come to adore his "brittish language".
When he hisses or does his little howels, I know it is his way of saying he loves his home and his life and being a spoiled boy isnt bad at all.
I stay in touch from time to time with his former owners by email and they are thrilled that he stayed with me and is happy and as beautiful as ever.

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