Sisqo The Cat

Sisqo the cat. My name is Mary and this is my cat.

Sex: Male

Age: 7

Lives in: Trinity, United States

His favourite food is: He loves most everything but has a regular diet of Purina Cat chow mixed with Friskys Special Blend.

He also LOVES people food which I TRY to deter him from but am not always successful.

This is what I like doing the best: He loves lounging in the kitchen floor in front of the large windows. He also loves to bird watch from those same windows.

His funny habits are: He isn't a cat that meows. Never has. When he is content he gives out a slow drawn Hisssssssssssss. It sounds a little intimidating to those who don't know him but for me I know it is just "Sisqo" It is just his special British communication I guess.
(He was born In London, England)

How I found my cat:

His previous owners are missionaries and was scheduled to go to Nigeria for several years to build churches and their vet suggested that Sisqo should not go due to lack of proper veterinary care available there.

They therefore decided to place Sisqo in a forever home to make sure he continues to be pampered as he has been all his life.

It was a total act of love on their part. He came into my rescue and I adopted him for my own 2 years ago. He is a PURRFECT addition to my feline family.

Sisqo The Cat Introduction Page

Hello Feline Friends and Friends of Felines,

Welcome to my Cat Hut and please drop in often to visit with me.
My name is "Sisqo" and I am 7 years young.
My human say's I'm very handsome and since she has never lied to me then I must agree with her.

I was born in London, England in 2002 and I was placed in a pet shop for adoption.
A lovely couple who was missionaries came into the shop and adopted me for their own.
They was good to me and pampered me with all the wonderful things a cat loves.
I spent my first year of life on England and then a year in Italy as they was doing missionary work there.

It was nice to be a cat who had the best owners in the world and the ability to see beautiful parts of the world.

In 2006 we came back to the United States (Michigan was their home) to be with family while they was between assignments.
We lived in Michigan for a year and then came the news.
They was being sent to Nigeria and Africa for a 5 year assignment. They visited my Veterinarian to discuss my travel with them to Africa and he told them it was not advisable.
He told them that Veterinary care there is very scarce ad the water treatment isnt proper.

He told them that a Cat would not thrive over there and would fall prey to illnesses. This broke their hearts and mine.

I was scared, not knowing my fate.
Soon I heard them say a lady from a NO KILL rescue would be coming to visit me to determine if they could help me find a proper home where I would be treated like royality as I had been until then.

The rescue lady "Mary" came and she immediatly caught my attention. Us Cats know how to identify CAT PEOPLE and she was a Cat person.

She gave me treats and patted my head and I hissed at her and she didn't even flinch.
NOTE: I have never meowed.....I always HISS but it is ment to be loving even tho it sounds very intimadating to some).

Mary seemed to understand me and my Brittish Hiss.
I liked her but wasnt sure I was ready to say goodbye to my owners.

There was alot of tears that day that I had to go to the reacue but I was strong so my owners could let go without un-necessary sorrow.
They was doing what they felt was right for me.
They wasn't kicking me to the curb by any means as some people do their pets.
Oh noooooo, MY owners did alot of research in seeking me a safe, loving place to go. It was an ultimate act of love.

I went to the rescue and it was a decent place but I had to learn to be humble as there was alot of cats there awaiting forever homes and we all had to learn to share our living quarters nicely.

Alot people loved me when coming to seek a cat to adopt but when they heard my HISS they backed away.

They took it as a bad thing.
(Dont people know us cats sometimes speak other languages too)?
I was never a typical cat and never will be.
My Hissing is just a part of who I am. Not ment to be something negative but alot of folks didn't understand.

Mary seen that I was being overlooked time after time and she felt bad for me. She knew I was a cat who had always had alot of love and attention and she didn't want to see me settling for less so SHE adopted me for her very own.
This was GREAT NEWS and I was happy.

In 2008 Mary and us adopted felines all moved to a lovely place in the country in North Carolina USA.
We love it here.

It is green and the birds sing alot and I love to lay in the sunshine in the kitchen and watch the birds in the trees.
Life for Ole Sisqo the cat is good.
I have accepted my other house mates "felines" or maybe I should say I tolerate them because Mary is good to us all.

Sometimes I miss my previous owners but I wish them well and I know they feel the same for me.
But for this ole Brittish born kitty, life is sweet here in North Carolina USA.

Thanks for dropping by and please come back again to peep in on my world and alway remember:
Hug your kitty today for they love you unconditionally.
Regards, Sisqo the cat

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