Sisters Sharing a Laugh! Cat Photo Contest Feb 2013

by Linda Bailey
(Riverside, CA, USA)

Lillie and Piper my cats

Lillie and Piper my cats

Lillie (left) and Piper are nine-year-old sisters who I adopted when they were a little over a year old from our local humane society. They had been there since they were kittens. Very shy cats, they used to hide under the blankets in their shelter “condo” enclosure and would not let anyone look at them. I was a volunteer there and, realizing they may never get adopted out, I decided to bring the girls into my family of felines. I figured they could be as shy as they wanted for as long as they wanted but at least they would be in a home environment. They fit in perfectly with all my other cats and within a few months they had come out of their shell. And for the past few years they have become the official greeters when friends come by to visit. They are sweet, loving, and quirky, and every day they remind me that bringing them home was the right thing to do (and it encouraged me to bring home another sister and brother who were seriously even more shy … after three years they are still a work in progress!). All my cats (current population 17) were either adopted from a rescue group or off the streets. I know I gave each of them a permanent, loving, home, but what they have given me in return is priceless.

Feb 08, 2013
Two funny girls
by: Christine

Lillie and Piper certainly are very beautiful, and look really happy. Kudos to you for giving them a loving home. I only have three cats right now, but if my husband would lighten up, I sure would have more!

Feb 06, 2013
Sisters sharing a laugh!
by: Tracy

You are so wonderful for helping all of the kitties! I have 2 cats both rescued from outside. I also feed the stray/feral cats where I live. I have a small 1 bedroom apt so I cannot have more than 2 cats, but if I could have a house I would have many! I love them all! thank u for being so wonderful and rescuing all of the kitties and giving them a loving home.

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