Skidish Cat

by Shirley
(Woodstock, GA)

I just rescued this pretty 8 year old female cat who had been checked out by a vet. The girl that gave her to me works in a Vet's office and a lady brought her in to put her to sleep because she was fighting with her other cats. But the girl that took her home found out she was snezzing around the cat. She was looking for a home for her and my cat of 18 years had just died. But this cat won't come out from under the bed when I am around. She eats and uses the kitty litter just fine. When ever I have the opportunity to pick her up she fights to get away from me. Will she ever become a loving cat for me?

Thank you, I need help, I want to love her and keep her but this has to change.


Answer by Kate
Hi Shirley

yes this will change i'm sure but this cat may have had a start in life where humans and perhaps her home life have been rather frightening and she has had to develop her own coping strategies.

what this cat needs is lots of time and patience from you and eventually if you allow her to build trust in you she will learn to relax and want to be around you. the trick is letting the cat come to you and not the other way round, this way they won't feel threatened. So let her stay under the bed when she wants to etc, your presence around the house is enough to let her know she is not alone.

I have a web page here about bonding with cats it has some tips on how to let the cat come to you rather than the other way round. you may find it helpful. but remember this could take some time, so don't worry and don't try to force things.

My sister rescued a feral cat when he was small and he was as wild as anything with everyone except my sister, who he adored and they could often be seen together with him wrapped around her shoulders. So yes a bond can be built.

here is my web page address for the bonding page, hope it helps.

best wishes Kate

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befriending your cat
by: Anonymous

Check this with our expert: maybe if you hand feed her sometimes this will encourage her to begin to trust and bond with you.

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