Sleepless in the Studio

I live in a studio apartment and haven't gotten a good night's sleep since I moved in three months ago because of my cat! She is a very sweet two year old cat and normally is very well behaved. She is still very playful and we try to spend time chasing her around the room, tickling her stomach, or with the laser pointer every night. But she wakes us up every night with one (or all) of the following behaviors:

1-crawling on my stomach and purring (this seemed to stop once I fed her but now she is in the habit of being fed at 5:30)
2-eating paper!!! Anything we forget to put up she will chew until there is nothing left. She even ate my boyfriend's paycheck!
3-rubbing her paws up and down the blinds

We try to remember to put all paper away and pull up the blinds each night. I also have an automatic feeder that I've started to use in the morning but now she just wakes me up at 3:30!! I love her but she is DRIVING ME CRAZY. I miss sleeping.

I would LOVE any help you can offer.
Sleepless in the studio.

Answer by Kate
Dear sleepless
oh dear you do have a problem as you lve in a studio flat and are unable to put your cat in another room, unless you could use the bathroom at night for your cat to sleep in with her bed and litter tray etc. I think this may be the only way you will be able to train her in getting used to being fed at a certain time at night.
Cats are generally more active at night and so her behavior is quite normal.

You seem to be doing everything else right by feeding her last thing at night and trying to tire her out. keep doing that but if you can you need to confine her to another room so that she cannot get to you to wake you up. It may be hard for a while but eventually she will get used to the new routine.

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