Small cat with black paws

by Mr Mark

We have a young cat which we found in our garden as a kitten. The question i have is that it doesn't seem to be getting any bigger in size and it is about 8 months old. It has short hair. the main question is that it's pads on the bottom of it's feet are completely black. Is this a specific type of breed? It is black & "brindle" stripes in colour.

Answer by Kate
Hi well there are several breeds of cat that may have black pads only but there is also the possibility that he is a cross breed and has inherited the black pads from one set of genes.

As for the size of the cat it could simply be that he was the runt of a litter and will always be smaller than perhaps other cats in his litter would have been. My own cat is unusually small and we have always suspected that she may have been the last of a litter.

It could be that he is a cross breed of the American of British short hair which can have black paws if they are black or brindle. But there are other breeds too.

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My cat has black pads and black and silver whiskers with black dots on her belly along with diples
by: Anonymous

My pet little cat has black and silver whiskers and black dots on her belly along with black pads and paws. The whole thing is 16 inches long and has dimples with fur that sticks up from her ears. She has a all black strip down her back she's 7 pounds and I love her dearly

Happiness Comes on Kitty Feet
by: MariosMom

My rescue Black/Brown tabby cat has little black paw pads/black on his whiskers. He is so pretty and sweet. Mario has lived with us for over 2 years now and I would say he is a happy kitty. We have boxes for him in just the living room and he makes use of all of them.

Sky, 10 weeks old
by: Kim Smith

I found a liter of kittens, one was completley different then the other two. which looked like lynx. Sky is a cream color she resembles a siberian seal point with black pads on her pads on all four paws. So cute and she has blue eyes the other two have yellow.

Similar Experiance
by: Anonymous

3 months ago I got a 11 month old kitten and it has black paws. It doesn't seem much bigger at all in 3 months and a friend commented how small it is for its age. The previous owner told me 'she may be small but she'll eat anything and eats like a horse'. I thought how strange it is so looked online and found these stories. I've seen black cats before, only mine has very very rich velvety fur.

Small cat with black paws response
by: Anonymous

Interesting...sounds similar to a pixie bob. Does the cat have a bobtail by any chance? I understand some do not have the bobtail. I think our cat has pixie bob in her and she looks and acts just like the cat you are describing. And also pixie bobs take 2-4 years to mature, so the growth rate is much slower than most domestics.

Black paws
by: Anonymous

There is a cat that wanders the nieghborhood where I live, she is small and has 4 black paws on the bottom the rest of her coloring is similar to a bobcat. She is very agressive toward other animals but friendly to me. Very cool cat but I have no idea what breed.

Black Cat with Black Underpads on Paws
by: Anonymous

I too have a stray black cat brought to me by a friend. My friend found a litter in her boathouse bathtub and then discovered another litter under her deck. The boathouse/bathtub litter belonged to her pet. The deck litter belonged to a stray. One of the kittens from the bathtub ventured outside and discovered the sole black kitten under the deck with its litter mates. The bathtub kitten stole the black kitten, taking it back to the boathouse bathtub. The owners of the boathouse bathtub litter returned the black kitten returned the black kitten to its litter under the deck, this went on for a week, with the owners of the cats making a video of a kitten carrying another smaller kitten across the lawn and into a bathtub. I was gifted the kitten promised from the litter and it's soulmate, the black kitten. Back to black kittens, my kitten grew into a normal size cat but it has a small head. I read that Bombay cats were created in the USA but have some genetic defects which cause many breeders to euthanize them. Perhaps my kitten is descended from a less than show quality Bombay, she is black, has black pads under her black paws.The black cat had a problem discovered when she was taken to be spayed, it was a difficult procedure. She survived and is now a very shy cat, and is often drug around by the scruff of her back by her companion. They have both adapted to the addition of another cat to the family, but the black cat is very shy and hides when people come over. I would describe the black cat as shy and accepts affection only when she sees her brush or when she decides to approach you. Hope this explains your cat, perhaps malnutrition as a kitten explains its size. Try vitamens?

by: Dawn

I have a found this cat near my workplace and decided to take him home. But after 5 months later I have notice my cat was still the same size as I found. I have been trying to find out if anything was wrong with it and what type of breed it was. I found particular and never notice a cat like this before,after owning several cats prior.

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