Smelly Cat from white liquid

by Brindy Ashley
(St. Louis, Missouri)

My cat who is a girl and is fixed, has this white/clear liquid that squirts out of her butt and it smells really bad. She does have a history of fleas and worms but so did my other 2 cats and they don't have this problem at all. Any idea what it could be and how I should have her treated?

Answer by Kate
She could be constipated high up in the bowel and sometimes this liquid is all that can get through. Other than that she may have an infection inside. either way the only way to treat it is to take them to the vets for professional help and medication. there is no point trying to second guess what the problem is and you could be making things worse by delaying in the long run.
I hope she gets better soon, best wishes Kate

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Cat's anal glands
by: Anonymous

Most likely, this is the cat's anal glands. They need to be expressed by either a vet or yourself. Look on YouTube for videos, or better yet, have the vet show you how to express the cat's anal glands.

smelly cat
by: Anonymous

This "smelly liquid" you speak of is called mucus. In fact, you have this same substance in you digestive system. She probably has an infection.

When mucus flows from any part of you or you cat it is bacuse the body is trying to remove something from its internal enviroment. Take you cat to the vet and have her WBC count checked.

Clear smelly liquid
by: Maria

My 8 month old kitty does this too and she is also nuetered. I've been told that it is probably just her anal scent glands and that sometimes they get infected. It usually rectifies itself but if not antibiotics are needed.

the white juice (sometimes yellow)
by: Elizabeth

Mine does this two, and she also is spayed. But I think if you look closely it isn't coming from her anus. I think it is pheromones.

please have your cat checked
by: Anonymous

I'm not sure when this was originally posted, but i am replying only b/c we have had something similar happen to one of our girl cats.
our female cat was not fixed yet, but at the time that we had to bring her into surgery...she was 7yrs old. she had a very smelly mucus like excretion from her vaginal area... only about 1-2 drops each time i happened to notice. we told the vet about it and she was rushed for surgery. she had pyometra, which is essentially, and infected uterus. just want to put this out there to let you know that it may be a good idea to take your cat into the vet for a quick exam just to check and make sure she's all good and ok. :)

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