Smelly Cat-

by Jenn

My cat has matted fur from being a stray and she smells very much like poo. I have tried bathing her with everything under the sun but with only a minimum of success. I have tried to get rid of the mats but they are so close to her skin that I fear cutting her in the process. What can I do??? I know that bathing her too much can be harmful but I am at a loss. Thank you for your time and help.

Answer by Kate
It is important that the mats are removed as they start to pull on the delicate skin and can be very painful for the cat. they can also harbour insects and mites etc as well as dirt.

When a cat gets very matted like your is there is only one safe way to do this and that is either make an appointment for your vet to get rid of the mats or take them to a proper pet groomers who will have all the right equipment for the job to make it as easy and pain free for the cat.

Once the mats are removed the fur will begin to grow again as normal and from then on you will have to regularly brush your cat to stop the mats from returning.

Please see my page about this problem here

You ae right about bathing your cat it is not good to do it too often as it can affect the over all condition of the coat.

I hope you can sort out your cats rather painful situation soon

best wishes Kate

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