Smokey The Cat

Smokey the cat - My name is Mary and this is my cat Smokey.

Smokey is male and is aged 9. He lives with me in Trinity, USA.

His favourite food is: Smokey loves Science Diet Dry food and 9 Lives Daily Essentials. He will not eat canned food at all.

This is what I like doing the best:
Smokey has 2 passions. Catnaps and being held and cuddled.

His funny habits are: He loves to take on the role of "mama cat" to the younger kittys in my home. He grooms them and cuddles with them.

How I found Smokey the cat: Smokey was rescued from an animal abuser when he was 8 months old and given to me to take care of and raise.He has been and continues to be a faithful feline companion to me and brings my life joy daily.

Smokey's Dairy what is Nascar

Hello again to all of you feline lovers.

It is Sunday afternoon and kind of a lazy day in my household.
All my kitty friends are napping and my human is watching something she calls "Nascar".
I have been sitting here for what seems like hours watching what she is watching and trying to fiqure out what is so great about it but all I see is a bunch of cars riding around and around in circles as if they are lost.
They must have somewhere to go quickly as they are driving very, very fast. Seems foolish to me but I'm only a cat so what do I know?
I have been sitting here hoping that no kittys try to cross the road in front of them as they could never stop in time.
Isn't there a law about driving that fast?
Oh my goodness, a bunch of those cars just had a big crash and do you know what they did?
They just went back to driving very fast again.
"And they say humans are smart"!!

This week has been a wonderful week for us cats here in North Carolna, USA because we have been having constant rain for 2 weeks and now that the rain has stopped I noticed that everything is green and flowers are blooming.

I have been watching birds flocking in the trees outside my windows. The sun is nice and warm and my human seems happy with the weather just like us cats are.
My human dont allow us cats to go outside because she say's there are bad things out there that could cause us harm.
She has been good to me in the 9 years that I have been with her so I have to trust her and her decisions.
I really dont have any desire to go out there and get into any fights or get them pesky ole fleas.
Not to mention there are some big doggies out there and they might think chasing me up a tree would be fun but they dont know that I am scared of heights.

Us cats are trying to get over losing our kitty friend "Callie" who died a couple weeks ago. We might be just cats but we have feelings too and we loved her and miss her alot.

Well, I'm going to head off to my favorite hiding place "inside my humans night stand" and catch myself a little cat nap.
Thank you again for stopping by to see what is happening in my part of the world.
Have a great week, hug your kittys and dont cross the road in front of them things called "Nascar cars".


I lost my Friend Today


Meow to everyone,
I hope my entry today finds you and your kittys doing well.
Normally my entries are light hearted and full of humor as I try to always bring a smile to the faces of all I meet but today my heart is heavy.

One of my feline house mates crossed the Rainbow bridge during the night and I am very sad this morning.

Her name was "Callie" and what a sweet old gal she was.
She belonged to my human mothers daughter "Robyn" but they lived with us.
We are a big happy family and Callie was a big part of the family.

Callie came to live with us about a year ago after her prior owner could not keep her due to moving to a new place.
Robyn adopted her and gave her a new forever home living with us.
Callie was a BIG girl weighing about 20 pounds and had a bigger attitude but she soon adjusted and settled in.
She was kind of a loner but accepted us with grace and went about her own business on a daily basis.

I noticed a couple days ago that Callie wasn't feeling good.
She just laid around and slept.
My human mama and Callie's Human mama "Robyn" showed concern.
I heard them say they thought she had a cold as she was alittle stuffy.
They started her on antibiotics and made her a comfy spot in the bathroom to rest and get over the cold and not be bothered by us other kittys.
But I felt something wasnt right. I was scared because I could sense that my friend was not doing well.
Yesterday Callie seemed much better and my humans was delighted that "Callie was perking up".
She was up and walking around and eating and bright eyed.
We was all glad to see her feeling better.
She even went to the kitchen and found her a nice place to sleep in the sunshine like she usually did.

Then last night something happened.
My humans went to give Callie her dose of antibiotics and I heard them say something about a big ulcerated mass on her belly. I dont know what that means but I knew it wasnt good.
All of a sudden I seen a dreaded panic in their eyes and I knew things was not right.

The rest of us kittys just stepped back and stayed out of the way as they hurried Callie into a "carrier" or Pet Taxi as I call it. (You never ride in one of these things unless your going to the vet").
It was almost our bedtime and for them to be leaving with her that time of night ment real trouble.
They was gone a very long time. I walked and paced just waiting for them to return with Callie in the carrier.
Sometime during the night, they returned and I felt sick when I seen there was no Callie with them.
It was then that I knew what had happened because they was both crying.
My dear friend Callie had crossed The Rainbow Bridge.
I heard them say that the vet said she had Mammary Cancer.
I know my humans, and if Callie would have had a chance at quality life they would have done all they could to save her but I also know they would never allow her to hang on and suffer because they love us much more than that.

So, they made the decision to help her cross the bridge peacefully and they held her as she crossed.
I know Callie knew she was loved and that they was trying to help her.
I think she knew she was going to the bridge to take care of my other friends who have crossed because thats why she was perky.
God must have needed a good mama kitty for them to have called her away. It is just like Callie to go do what she is called to do. I know my friends was waiting for her.
She will be a good mama to them and someday I will see my friend "Callie" again.

Note to Callie from Smokey:
Enjoy your eternal life with Puff, Chip, Thomas, Tiger and Baby.
All of your feline family and your mama "Robyn" and my human mama "Mary" will miss you terribly.
Take care of my friends and remember that the rest of us back here on earth love you and miss you.

We love ya Big Callie.

Love Always, 

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