Smores is missing her mama "Snickers"

by Mary
(Morth Carolina, USA)

Smores (Snickers girl)

Smores (Snickers girl)

Some of you might recall that I submitted a plea for prayers for my senior cat "Snickers" over a week ago.

I appreciate all the loyal readers who I know offered up prayers for my dear Snickers.
Sadly, Snickers crossed the Rainbow Bridge (with my help) on Feb. 15,2010 as a result of a losing battle of kidney failure.
She was 13 and had been dealing with Thyroid disease for several years and the kidney failure was a direct link to her years of Thyroid disease.

Snickers was such a VOCAL presence in my home.
She talked loudly when giving her demands in life on a daily basis.
She stood her ground to other felines and humans as well.
She was a TOUGH OLD GAL, yet ever so lovable.

I rescued her and her baby (SMORES),who was a couple yrs old herself) back in 2006 when their current owner tossed them both out into a raging blizzard because they had bought 2 new dogs that hated cats.

Snickers and her girl, Smores have been a delightful pair in my home for over 3 years.
Both have always appeared very independent of one another and even from time to time, paw smacking one another and I really felt they no longer knew they was related.

Then Snickers died.
The day I returned from having her put down, Smores met me at the door,(ALSO UNUSUAL) for her, as if to say "Where is my mama"?
As I walked in with the empty carrier, Smores walked up to it and began sniffing it.
I spoke softly to her and said "mama is gone to be with Callie, Baby and Salem (our cats who have gone on) and then I sat the carrier down on the floor.

Smores laid down at the door of the carrier and went to sleep.
It was almost as if she was guarding the door to the carrier to keep her mama's spirit safe inside .

Later that day I noticed Smores wasnt moving about much in the house and depression was obvious. I took her mama's blanket out of the carrier and called to Smores to go with me
to my office while I worked on my computer.

I laid the blanket of her mothers on the desk beside my computer and Smores crawled right up on it and laid down. It broke my heart to see her missing her mama.
For 3 days, Smores laid on that blanket, rarely moving from it only to go to the litter tray or to nibble food, then quickly back onto Snickers blanket.

I have not washed the blanket as Im sure Snickers scent is on it and Smores needs that to feel close to her mama.
Someday , I will wash it but not now.
She needs to be close to her mama awhile yet.
Or maybe it is me that needs to think she does.

I have been comforting Smores and holding her alot since Snickers passed to show her how much she is loved. But I know my cats and she is grieving for her mother who she has been with all of her 5 years of life.

Some folks argue, CATS DONT GRIEVE!
Well, I beg to differ. They do and I see it alot in my rescue years.
Why would God create a living, feeling creature and not allow it to love, feel loss or attach themself to its siblings or parents?

I am certain they feel loss, and grieve in their own way.
I have enclosed a pic of Smores (Snickers girl) for you to see.
You can almost see the hurt in her eyes.

Snickers story of her passing is on this site.
Check her out on the Memorial Quilt.
Snickers and Smores looked so much alike.
Definite mother and daughter duo.

I miss Snickers terribly just as Smores does but Snickers left me the great gift of her daughter , SMORES.
I am blessed to have her and to have had her precious mother for 3 years.

Mary in NC

Comment by Kate
I agree MAry cats do grieve and like for us is a necessary period for the cat to go through.

I'm sure she will soon come to realise that Snickers has moved on and be back to her old self again.

God bless

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