Smudge, The sickly, Scaredy Cat who lost her friend - HELP!!

by Michelle
(London, England)

My cat smudge is nearly 7 years old. I got her and her sister (Cyber) aged 3 from a couple who were emigrating.

Both were always happy outdoor cats. When I first got them I lived 3 floors up and they would both negotiate 3 floors and 2 catflaps to get out with no problem.

I now live in a garden flat and Smudge up until recently was happy to go outside. Sadly, when we were on holiday in September, Cyber was hit by a car and died :-( She was found by a neighbour on her doorstep a few doors down and it would appear she had been there a few hours before being found.

Smudge is now refusing to go out. At first, I thought it might be the weather and also understood that she may be grieving. I have had to re-introduce the cat litter tray which is certainly not ideal.

The other recurring problem I have always had with Smudge is extremely concerning. She will be well for only up to eight weeks at a time and then for no apparent reason she will what I call crash. She becomes disinterested in things, looks miserable, starts being sick, loses weight dramatically (within days it is shocking), has has an extremely upset stomach which then results in me having to clean up the carpet frequently.

This is understandably really distressing. Each time it happens, we take her to the vets - the worst occassion she had to be on a drip for 2 days. The vets have run EVERY blood test imaginable and can find nothing wrong. They literally just shrug their shoulders, prescribe some anibiotics and send her on her way. These will work and she instantly perks up, recovers, and within 8 weeks we are back to square one.

Can anyone help with any suggestions? It's really upsetting to say the least!!

Answer by Kate
Hi I think I will leave this question open for others to comment on as it appear to me that it may be an emotional problem rather than a medical one and perhaps someone else has had a similar experience with their cat.

I don't know what food you feed her but perhaps it may be an idea to move her to a high quality brand or perhaps give her some supplements too. Sometime nutritional problems can affect mood.

Please see this page for some advice regarding supplements for cats.

best wishes Kate

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