Sneezing kittens

I recently bought two gorgeous little maine coon kittens who are brother and sister and are very happy and settled in their new home. Although they seem perfectly happy and healthy otherwise, for the past week or so they have been sneezing quite frequently. Should I be worried about this, or is it likely to be some cat variation of a common cold?

The boy kitten also had an issue one night last week with loose stools and came out of the litter box a bit dirty, but we inspected the litter box after him a few further times and he seemed fine again so we thought nothing of it.

Answer by Kate
Hi well it very much depends on where you got the kittens from. if they were from a shelter they would have been health checked and probably vaccinated etc but if not ie from a shop or a breeder you just don't know for sure what their health background is.

As they are kittens (you do not say how old) i would definitely take them for a checkup at the vets anyway. they will be able to give them a once over and talk to you about vaccinations etc.

It may be that your kitten just has a little cold or it could turn into cat flu which in kittens can be fatal sometimes. So have them checked by a vet anyway to ensure they start out their new life with you in the best and healthiest way possible.

P.S have you thought about pet insurance? i rehomed two kittens this year and it was the first thing i did as I know just how expensive vets can be if something serious happens. Just a thought :)

best wishes Kate

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Little Sneezers
by: Isabel

Thanks Kate! They came from a breeder who had them fully vaccinated and I have all the documentation, as well as pet insurance.

I took them to the vet for an initial check up when we first got them a couple of weeks ago and they passed with flying colours so I imagine it's just a little bit of a cold.

I'll keep an eye on them in case but thanks for putting my mind at rest!


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