Sneezing kitty

by Julie B.
(Greer, sc)

Hi. I have a two part question.

1. My new 6 1/2 wk old kitten started sneezing a lot after I brought her home. The rescue center I purchased her from said they had not seen her sneezing before. I got her one of those new throw away litter pans with the clay litter. I did this because sure enough she has worms. Could she just have an allergy to the dusty clay? I have a new corn based litter and new box waiting.

2. Which brings me to part 2. The wrons are roundworms I think. (they look like little moving rice). The rescue said she had been dewormed a few days before. Is she just expelling them? Did the lady lie and she needs deworming now? It's Sunday and my vet is closed. She is purring like crazy and very loving. Can this wait a day till the vet is open?
Thank you so much for this great site!!

Answer by Kate
well the sneezing may be caused by the dust from the caly but it could also be a slight cold. At this time of year it is not uncommon even if they have had their flu jab they can still get te odd cold (one of mine has a seeze now and again) make sure that they drink plenty of water or cat milk in case it is a cold and they need to be hydrated properly. You could try the new litter in case it is the cause, theres no harm in this.

As for the worms, well I would think that a rescue center are very unlikley to lie, it really isn't in there benefit. I would say that she may still be getting rid of the ones she had, but sometimes when they are particulay bad they do need a second dose a little while later but only a vet should recommend this. So give it a few days and if they are no better then yes I would take them to the vet for a check up and a talk about vaccinates etc, the rescue center should have given you details of anything they have already given.

best wishes and I hope your cat is better soon.

best wishes Kate

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