Some Blood in Cat's Poop

by Sam
(Karachi, Pakistan)

I just brought home an adult male cat (1 year old). After few days his diet has increased 4 times then his normal diet maybe because I pamper her too much. The cat did encounter a bad exprience (shock/got scared) at his new home.

Its her 25th day here and today she got some thick dark red liquid (like ketchup) at the end of her poop, it was not too much but I feel very scared. It could be hairball or could be some fatal illness.

I did read about the "Diarrhea" topic at your website but I can not justify the situation. The cat is behaving normal i.e. sleeping playing etc except the increase in diet as mentioned above.

Since young age she only eats Cat Food called "Meo" that comes in both chicken and beef ..her favorite is beef. Sometimes she enjoy eating liver (boiled).

Kindly suggest me what is possible wrong with my cat. This is my first pet.

Answer by Kate
Hi Sam
I am sorry but I am not a vet and so could not possibly try and diagnose this issue. in fact the only real way of finding out what is wrong with her would be to take her to a vets who could examine her.

Any sign of blood in the faeces etc should always be investigated by a vet. (i am assuming here that she is spayed and so could not be associated with her being in heat).

You could wait a day or so to see if the blood continues to appear but if you are really worried then the sooner you can have her checked out the better.

best wishes Kate

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my has blood in its poop!!
by: alexis

okay this cat came along a couple weeks ago and we let it in my room and i looked at my door and there was poop with lil blood in it but the poop was real stong. im getting kinda worried becuse i dont want nothing to happen to it and this is the first time we seen it poop out blood so some one comment this so i can get some answers thanks,

Some Blood in Cat's Poop
by: Anonymous

Yes I did, The vet said my cat drank dirty water (i do have a small steam of water going to my garden which do have some green slime stuff). Which caused that blood/ketchup kinda poop.
Gave her some Anti-biotic and water mixed glucose as much as possible even if using a scring to force some of the water in her mouth, well the is ok now and in better health :)

by: Sammi

The same exact thing happen to my 5 year old cat, it was at the end of his poop was dark and small like ketchup, have you found anything about it? If you could let me know that would be great! I don't know when I will be able to bring him to the vet this week.

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