Somethings going weird with my cat! Help!?

by Natasha

This has been going on for quite a bit , but never seemed so serious until this morning. In the past, my cat was constantly twitchy, extremely hyper, never drank water unless it was from our shower, which didnt seem too odd to me, cause many friends of mine have cats that to do same.

This morning I woke up a little late, and my parents were out working, and my younger sister left to day care. Im upstairs, and suddenly i hear the faintest meowing ever. My cat hardly ever meows unless he absolutely needs something. SO i run downstairs, and hes standing outside of the thick door to the backyard, howling, and freaking out. He loves the outdoors, and must have been outside for an hour, cause my parents would have let him out at that time.

Then it got ten times weirder. He goes downstairs, into our basement, which has been his litter box, food, toys, etc, and starts screeching and meowing, as if in pain. I call his name, than he bolts up the stairs, than up the other set of stairs to my room. There, hes howling so weirdly.
Then he comes back down the stairs, walks towards me, his jaw parted, and hes panting very quickly. I give him fresh and cold water but he sniffs it and keeps panting and walks away?

Then i see a huge fluff on his back, like when cats get scared, they'll start to fluff up. I tried petting to relax him, but he wailed when i touched him and ran away.

He has been doing this routine a
few times this morning, and I have no clue whats happening?

Hes turning 2 Years old this November, and hes a short haired grey cat.
Hes got all his vaccines done, hes neutered, and everything. Except hes rabies shot isnt up to date but were getting it towards the end of July.

AT the moment hes still running around really quickly, and whimpering occassionally.
HELP! Please?

well all of his behaviors sound to me like a cat that has been very scared by something.

The panting can be a sign of anxiety as it the fluffing up and the meowing.

All I an suggest is that something has frightened him outside this morning.

It could be anything from a sudden loud noise to nearly getting run over to a large or new animal in the area. it could be anything.

All I would suggest is to keep him in for the day, let him wander round etc as much as he wants and if he comes to use of course pet him and talk softly too him. you could also try distracting him with a game.

He should calm down today or at the very least by tomorrow but if his behavior continues to be odd then it may be an idea to have him checked by a vet just to rule out any possible medical issue.

But as i say it does sound like he has had a bit of a fright.

Hope he is back to his old self soon

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