Sooty cat memorial

by Annette Glazebrook
(Benalla Victoria Aust)

My man

My man

Sooty was the man of my the house for 14 years and sadly passed away at home on Saturday. Sooty wasn't just a cat, he was my heart and soul, with so many unusual non cat traits. Sooty would go swimming in the pool with me, get in the shower with me, get in the car on his own accord and go to the shop or the dump.I'd have my dog out one window and sooty out the other. He wasn't just a cat - I think he thought he was human like us. 2 years ago sooty was diagnosed with diabetes, knowing I had to do what ever it took to make him better, I spend almost 9 grand getting the diabetes under control. Many would ask why, hes just cat, my response was always the same he's my sooty, Sooty dealt with ever visit to the vet and all the needles. He became a bit of a legend at the vets cause of his size. Sooty was 9.8kg when we moved from Darwin to Victoria and his first visit to the local vet they all comment on his weight.... Stacey our vet said gezzz he must be a fat cat as he reserved out of the pet pack cause he couldn't turn around in it. She starts to give him a once over and said he isn't fat at all he is just a big cat, I asked for that in writing as all my friends and family used to tease him for being FAT. Sooty even converted the non-cat people that would come over for a barbie, one friend said move ya cat as sooty sat on the table staring him eye to eye... by the end of that night sooty was sitting on his lap. Sooty lost his sight about 3 months ago and was still the same cat, vet told me to not change the furniture as he knows where things are. Sooty still managed to find my side of the bed every night and still manged to sleep snuggled in my long hair. He was the type of cat anyone could love. Sooty was such a much loved family member that I just cant seem to function without him. My days are so different now, I don't have to get out of bed at 7am to feed him and give him his injection, I don't have to make sure I have his special tin food, I don't have to do the kitty litter tray or make sure there are 3 or 4 water dishes around the house. I am struggling to deal with him gone. Yes I have my 2 daughters here, they are also upset at loosing sooty, but i don't think anyone understands just how much I cant handle not having him here.

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Feb 04, 2019
So Sorry
by: Linda

Sooty was a beauty. Our beloved cat Harley passed away today, I came to this page to write a few lines for him and saw your story. Sam dies in February 2014, that's when I first discovered this website. We were lucky to love him for 24 years, Harley for 18.
You will never forget Sooty or the love he brought you and no other cat replaces him, but your heart will grow to love other cats who need you. Our beloved cats are family members and you need to grieve as such. I will miss Harley so much, like Sam, that never leaves you but does get a bit easier that's all.
Good luck and Sooty was lucky to have been loved so much, as were my Harley and Sam.

Jan 01, 2019
Sooty Cat Memorial
by: Anonymous

First of all I am so sorry for the loss of Sooty! I know he has left a big whole in your heart, because I, too, lost a male Kitty, whose name was, Smokey! Your comments about Sooty brought back so many memories of him. We were very close. I thought of him as my kitty soulmate. He snuggled with me every night, whether it was my front side or back or in my face. When I would roll over, he would have to be in my face again by walking over my pillow pulling my hair, as he did so--haha. It has been 4.5 years since he, also, passed away at home. He was 16 yrs. old. I did get another kitty, at the urging of my sister we rescued a female kitty, named Anabel. I told my sister, when we visited the Old Town Animal Orphanage that she was the only one I would take. This was just to look at kitties mind you not get any, since it had only been 2 months since Smokey had crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The reason I had chosen her was because I noticed she looked depressed and stared ahead. She, also, was missing an eye and was shaved in a lion cut--probably because of severe matting. Anyway, two days later my sister told me she paid for her and we needed to pick her up. So off I went to pick up my new fur baby. Bringing her home was like night and day for her. She became a totally outgoing kitty--not reserved like she was at the shelter! I still feel that I had a stronger bond with Smokey, but Anabel has touched my heart in many ways. For instance, she has a need to be picked up and carried around on my left shoulder only (her insistence). She loves being sang to and shows it by her constant rubbing and kisses (when she's especially loving the moment). I hope you will be able to open your heart for another fur baby who needs to be loved like Sooty did. Best Wishes and Take Care!

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