sophie my cat is ill

by Rose Miller-Machhour
(Mt. Pleasant, Mi US 48858)

At first I thought she was dead laying in the middle of the floor not moving when I called her many times. Looking at her closer she was breathing but very shallow. she was drueling from one side of her mouth. We had a box, put soft blanket in it and covered her up, she still did not moved. She stayed there for half a day and then I found she got out of box and moved to another spot near the heater on the floor. She slept for two days straight when I pet her she seem to run a fever. She did not eat nor drink. When she did decide to go to bathroom I was very shocked, because her whole stomach area was very hallowed out and you could see her back bone very protruding and she lost her balance at least twice walking to kitty box. I have no money to take her to the vet.

Sophie is Siamese cat around 1 year old, and has had her first litter of three beautiful kittens. They are now around 7 weeks and are pretty much weaned onto cat food. I have many cats and kittens (right now) I feed them all Meow Mix and water and sometimes some milk with occasional Pounce treats. I love my cats and it is killing me I cannot do anything for my Sophie. All of my cats have been given to me or dropped on my doorstep because people know I will love them. I am worried about the others now getting what Sophie has. Please can someone try to tell me anything about what illness she might have, and what I can do to help her. Thankyou Rose Miller-Machhour.

Answer by Kate
Rose I am sorry there is no answer to this question apart from the fact that by the sounds of it your cat is very ill and needs vet treatment now.

I know this will sound very harsh and I do not want to upset you but you have two choices here. Either you leave her and she will probably die or you find some way to get her to a vets. be it by borrowing money or finding a cat charity or rescue center which you can hand your cat over knowing that they will care for her.

I know you love your cats but unfortunately love alone is not enough in some cases and the best sign of love you can give to your cat is to make sure they do not suffer and have the medical care all of us need from time to time. There must be a way for you to get her some vet care, do everything you can, I know you will try as every cat lover will do anything for their cats.

I will be thinking of you and I really hope that your cat receives some medical care soon.

best wishes Kate

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