Spayed cat is meowing a lot

by Lisa
(Greenville, SC)

This past week, my female Himalayan cat, whom I had spayed at 4 months old is meowing a lot. Please advise. Could something be wrong? Is this normal? (this picture is when she was a kitten. She's one and a half now)


Answer by kate
First of all. How adorable is this picture? Cuteness at warp factor 11 we think.

As for the meowing, well this is difficult to answer as meowing can be a sign of different things. However generally it is a sign of a learn behavior of getting attention. I.e I meow and eventually get attem=ntion, food, a game etc. This is the most common cause.

I have written a web page about different meowing issues here

I wouldn't worry about anything being wrong unless there are other symptoms such as signs of pain when touched, not eating, vomiting etc.

Unfortuantely once a meowing behavior is established it can be very difficult to break and will need a nerve of steel from as you as the only way to try and break it is to ignore it as described on my web page.

best wishes

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