spayed indoor/outdoor cat now has a boyfriend???

by Raymond
(Mcdonald. Ohio)

Boo wanting loved at the porch

Boo wanting loved at the porch


My two year old cat, Boo, loves to be outside during nice weather. She is very poeple friendly, spayed, and have had no problems. Recently a male cat has been crying at the window every evening. (almost like a kid wanting their friend to come out and play) or ( a male wanting to mate). I've never seen them fight or aggitated while she is outside but still find it strange that he hangs around. Have you ever heard of such a thing??

Answer by Kate
Great picture by the way.
Well yes i have heard of this before, in fact ouir very own Little Mo has her own admirer who comes around every day calling for her to come out. She is spayed also but i do think his motives are lets say physical. I am not sure why he should be interested in her as she won't be giving any signs off, i think it;s just that he is so fired up that any female cat is a prospect. Any way it's nothing to worry about. if your female cat doesn't want him near her she will soon let him know.

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