Spaying My Cat

by Paula
(New Hampshire)

My cat had a liter of kittens 7 weeks ago, she has weened them for the most part, they still try to nurse but she will move from them. I have kept her inside for the past 9 weeks. 2 weeks ago my son came in from school and she ran out, was gone for 2 days, now i think she may be pregnate again. Can i have her spayed and stop the pregnacy? i dont think she can handle another litter of kittens. She has had 3 litters in the past year and half. Everytime i go to get her spayed she gets pregnate before we get there. Our Vet told us she cannot be spayed while she still has milk. Please Help!!

Answer by KAte
yes a tricky situation. It is generally not advisable for a cat to be spayed whist still nursing and at 7 weeks the kittens are still not quite weaned. My own vet would not spay until after 12 weeks.

However it is still possible to wait until that time and then have her current pregnancy terminated. this is possible to do but you would have to speak to your vet about this, some will some won't.

You are so right about your poor little girl having so many pregnancies. It really is not good for her health or for the health of the kittens.

So yes you can wait until the kittens are weaned and then have this pregnancy terminated then. Speak to your vet about this now.

best wishes kate

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Spaying your cat while pregnant
by: Mary in NC

Hello Paula
I have worked with Spay/Neuter Clinics and Animal Rescue for several years and your question is one we hear very often.

In the USA, MOST Vets will spay a female cat as long as her prior litter is 7 weeks old.
Most Vets here in the USA consider kittens fully weaned at 7 weeks old.
Female cats Can get pregnant that soon and yes, it is dangerous for female cats to have so many litters so close together.

So please call your vet or a local Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic in your area and schedule her for surgery asap and you will be doing your girl a huge favor.
Breast Cancer in female cats is more probable in cats having alot of litters in close time frames.

She has done her job in life and mothered several litters and it is now her time to rest and live a healthy life.

If you need assistance finding a low cost Spay clinic in your area then email Kate at this site and let her know and she will contact me and I will be happy to find one that has a good reputation so you can have your female spayed with ease of mind.

And yes, you can spay a female that has gotton pregnant as long as it is early in the pregnancy.

Good luck to you and your kitty


Comment by KAte
Thanks Mary i was hoping you would spot this question. :)

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