Spring is Missing Meaning Two Bored Cats

by Kate

Shelley the cat on Byrons Chair

Shelley the cat on Byrons Chair

It is now May here in the UK and despite the fact that it is Spring and the whole country is in Drought (officially), it continues to rain and rain and temperatures are way down. In fact it feels like early March.

The cats hate this cold damp weather and they have been driving me crazy like two bored kids. They wander around the house looking for something to chase and they sleep and sleep.

Byron is the hardest to keep amused as he is the active one of the two. Usually he is out and about all day and I hardly see him. But lately the poor little guy is gazing out of the rain soaked window and constantly asking me for games. He does this by sitting at my feet and tapping my leg whilst gazing lovingly at his toy box. I must say I am getting a little bored of throwing the mouse game.

Shelley is also going through a bit of a change. I don’t know if it’s the weather or if new cats have moved into the area. He seems extra cautious and stays very close to home. In the last few days he has become Byron’s shadow which is unusual. He is even choosing to sleep in the same room as his brother and today he even occupied the seat Byron had just left, now that is very unusual.

I must say it is rather cute to see Shelley trailing after Byron in the garden. Just like the older / younger brother situation. I can just imagine Shelley saying to Byron “Can I come Too”?

There have been two black cats in the area recently and I have seen my cats sitting close to each other staring at them, while they sit close together staring back. My goodness can they stare for a long time. I would have got bored much sooner and given up. Anyway I haven’t seen any actual fights so I am hoping they will just keep to their own territory. The last thing my two need is more visits to the vets due to nasty infected bites etc.

Lets hope the weather picks up soon. Bored cats in the house is not good for the home worker.

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Your cat's names-
by: Nancy

Cool names - your cats are named Byron and Shelley and I have 2 cats named Othello and Chaucer-

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