Squirting diarrhea in 14 yr. old cat.

by Marian
(Ontario, Canada)

Over the past 2 weeks, my 14 yr. old cat has SQUIRTED diarrhea out in his tray. Once, it squirted out of the tray, but he doesn't go anywhere else in the house. He seems healthy, but is off his food, a BIT. At this age, I have lost other cats to Cancer of differing types. Do you think this cat is getting, or has, Cancer? He acts like his usual self, except for the diarrhea squirting out of him. He has never been overweight, so it's hard to tell if he is losing weight. Plus, he has long hair, so can't notice any weight lose because of that, also. Any ideas? I am very short of cash, at this time, to take him to Vet's, unless absolutely necessary, as then, I would have to borrow the money. To-day, his nose is dry, at times. I don't know if that means anything, as it is usually wet and cold. His temperature at this time, is 100.8 F. Help, Please!!!


Answer from Kate
It could simply be a case of diarrhea. Take a look at these pages and try the plain food diet to see if it helps.


As you will see from the information on the page. there are many different health conditions that this could be a symptom of and so sadly without tests done by a vet not diagnosis can be given.

i hope it is something which can be cleared up easily.

best wishes KAte

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