Stanleigh The Cat

Stanleigh the cat. My name is Monique and this is my cat.

Sex - Female

Age - 7 months

Lives In - sydney, Australia

My favorite food - the condensation on juice boxes

This is what I like to do the best - sitting on the humans work pile, so she can get all the attention

My funny habits are - literally climbing up the walls. 
Stanleigh climes up the fabric canvases, and hangs there for quite some time.

she also likes playing with clothes and preventing humans getting dressed. along with chewing bubble wrap.

How I found Stanleigh the cat - >my sisters kitten had kittens, and i couldn't help but keep one as i was finding homes for them

Stanleigh is a black and white female kitten (although she is so big now!).
she was the offspring of my sisters cat who had kittens at a very young age. not all of them survived.

I put my hand up to find homes for the 3 kittens as where my sister lived, they would have been put down. so i fostered the kittens, wormed them, took care of them for a few months, and found suitable homes with very loving humans. but along the way i fell in love with one and dubbed her stanleigh. she has always been very affectionate with me.

A month or so after i decided to keep her (and convinced my grandma to let me) my cat of 14 years passed away. she had been suffering from cancer and many allergies. i loved that cat and she had been my best friend for many years. without Stanleigh I dont think i would have gotten through it (a little lame, but i did love her).

Stanleigh so far has been a bundle of joy, she has captured the heart of my whole family, and even my cat-allergic boyfriend. who puts up with the sniffles to be around her. she is incredibly mischievous, but makes up for it with the amount of love she gives.

i am 18, and unlike many people i know, i am the sole carer for Stan, she lives in my room, i feed her, pay for her food, bills, etc.. she is a spoiled rotten cat (with my limited funds), but i am proud to say that i have not palmed her off to be taken care of by my grandparents :)

she is adorable, loving and sometimes a little too vocal, and i love her so incredibly much. she brings me many a smile, and many chuckles everyday.
:) to me, she is the prettiest cat who ever lived, and she is so so so so special.

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