starving cat?

why does my cat always act like she's starving? She's only 7 weeks old and she goes absolutely nuts when there is people food around and always trying to get in my dish when I am eating. Why does she act like that? Thank you...

Answer by Kate

Are you sure you mean 7 weeks old? At this age most cats aren't even weaned properly and should still be feeding from their mother or being hand fed with cat milk.

if she is 7 months old then this is different and it could simply mean that she is a greedy cat. Some cats are food obsessed and these are the ones you have to be careful with otherwise they can put on lots of weight and suffer related illnesses.

At 7 months she should still be eating kitten food as this is balanced for optimal nutrition for a cat. the amounts shown on the cans or packets should be kept to and any begging attempts for other food should be ignored.

There are some medical conditions which can cause cats to be constantly hungry but these are more common in older cats but if the situation is really bad then it may be a good idea to have her checked by a vet.

best wishes kate

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Our poor starving cat.
by: Sam & Dee

Our poor six month old kitten thinks he's starving. Always on the prowl for food. Fridge opens there he is. Walk into the kitchen he beats me there. We feed him his dry kitten food in the morning and evening when we eat or unless he looks so pathetic I just gotta feed him. His weight and energy is fine. Help! From Alaska...

begging for food day and night
by: M.S.

4 months ago I adopted a 4 yo Snowshoe cat who
had been found outside and not neutered. The animal hospital took him in and neutered him. I feed him 1/3C dry food (lower calorie) twice a day and large tablespoon canned food at noon. He begs and meows all day and night and I cannot believe he is really hungry. If a cat has been outside without food do they still feel they are not getting food once inside. I think this may be mental behavior. The hospital only gave him 1/4C dry food twice day. His meowing (whining) is getting on my nerves and I cannot live with this.

Give the same amount of wet food as you are giving now and mix a little dry cat food with it. feed the this amount in smaller amounts throughout the day, to spread it out.

Stray cats can worry that they are not going to get food from previous experience and so it can take some time for them to realize that they will get food. but feeding smaller amounts but more often will help them to realize that they do get fed regularly it also helps with digestion.

bets wishes Kate

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