staying in room

by Natasha
(Sydney, Australia)


I might be getting a cat soon and want to know if cats can stay in 1 room for a long time.
If I'm gone to school (for about 6 hrs) can the cat stay in 1 cat-proofed room because my whole house isn't cat-proofed. And someone else at home can come and check on the cat a few times till I get back.
I also want to ask another question:
can a litter-tray, food and water bowl can all be in the same room.

Answer by KAte

The answer is NO defiately not. It is cruel. Cats are essentially wild animlas heart and need space to run, jump play, explore and do all the things cats need to do to be happy.

I hae just rehomed two kittens myself and have had to keep them inside for three weeks until they gets used to their new home and tey have the run of the whole house but they are going crazy to get out and it is so sad to see. Luckly I am leting them outside this week end.

know this is probably not the answer you were hoping for but beleeve me it is cruel. Just ask yourself the qestion, Wouls you like to stay n one room for hours and hours every day?

The best option is to either get yourself a smaller animal ntil you have your own place and ten you can give a cat a happy home.

best wishes Kate

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