Sticky, thinning fur on Ragdoll's tail

I have a Ragdoll crossed with a Siamese. He's 9 months old and I have noticed he has a patch of fur on his tail that is always sticky and now matted. I combed him and most of his fur came out in the sticky patch on his tail. There are brown particles stuck in his fur in this patch only. He's an indoor cat only. Any ideas what is wrong with him???

Answer by Kate
umm sounds to me like he has either got something on his tail, like glue or it is possible that he may either have an injury in that area or has a mite problem. however it is difficult to say without seeing the problem myself.

It is strange that it is only in one area. if I were you I would clean up the area as best i could and perhaps even cut away some of the fur to get rid of most of the mess. then see how it is a few days later. if it reoccurs or still looks nasty then he may need to see a vet.

Hopefully it is something that has just got into his fur and a good grooming and perhaps shaving in that area will resolve the problem.

best wishes Kate

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Stud tail?
by: Anonymous

Hi, I have a male cat that is neutered, and he has come down with what could be the same thing. It could be stud tail, which is a build up of oils from the caudal glands at the base of the tail. Usually it's unneutered male cats that have it, but neutered males and females can get it too. It's from hormones. I've used a clorihexidine mixture from my vets for it that helps, though it does come back in time. My affected cat has long hair, so I cut the hair short on his tail to clean it and it seems to help.

sticky fur
by: monica

I have the same problem with my 2 male Ragdolls, I seen the vet but he wasn't helpful, I still keep looking on internet to find some answer but it's really hard. I using Douxo Sebx shampoo and baby powder after bath than I brush hus tail when it's dried and it's really helpful.

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