Still Missing Sweet Lola

by Mary
(North Carolina, USA)



On September the 5th 2010 marked 90 days since the untimely passing of my sweet Lola.

Lola was only 3 1/2 years old and had been with me since she was 3 weeks old.
I rescued her as a Very feral little kitty who drew blood from my hands and arms every time I tried to handle her as a baby, but by the time she was 2 years old, she had socialized and was one of my precious feline babys in my home.

On June 5th 2010, Lola fell from the kitchen counter and lost all spinal use in her hind legs. The vet confirmed that it was not the fall that caused her to fall and the loss of her legs but a tumor on her spine that none of us knew existed until it severed her nerve in her hind legs causing her to fall.

We was told she would never walk again or have bladder and bowel use so we made the unfortunate decision to help her cross the rainbow bridge to live a complete whole life again and not struggle daily here on earth.

I have grieved deeply for her as I do for all my cats who have gone on before her, but she was a very special cat that overcame feral life and dis-trust only to become one of the most loving cats I have known.

Her absence from my home still brings tears to me as that tumor robbed her of so many good years of life possibly. Not to mention it took my Lola from me when I was not yet ready to let her go.

Today I am facing yet another cat whom I rescued, who is gravely ill and will soon need to cross the bridge with my assistance.
It is day's like today that bring the tears flooding and my memories of those who have gone on.

I'm looking over my little cat Urns of my departed cats and wishing I never had to add to them but as we all know, our cats are not ours to keep forever, they are merely LOANED to us by God to care for while they are on earth.
He eventually calls them back home to be with him and we humans MUST let go.

So as I spend the last remaining day's with my O.J, I wanted to write and remember
my previously departed cats whom I still love and miss terribly.

Rest In Peace My precious babies.
Please take care of O.J when he joins you all


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