Strange behavior from my cat

by Debbie Croell
(Appleton, WI)

Cat is 9 years old, long haired calico and weighed 18lb. The past month has stopped eating dry food, only eats canned. Has lost 7lbs. Still uses litter box, drinks water. Started licking me, hands, arms, legs, really annoying. Always following me around the house. Was never a very affectionate cat, but now jumps in my lap. She's a house cat, but got outside about a month ago for an hour and has been acting strange ever since. Haven't taken to vet yet, should I. Any other suggestions?? Thank You.

Answer by Kate
well cats do become more affectionate as they get older it seems and at 9 perhaps this is what is happening.

However you did not mention if she was spayed or not as her behavior could also be linked with being pregnant.

The weight loss thing could be a concern though, it all depends really if she is eating the same amount of food as before and still losing weight or not. dry food is actually more calorific than wet so if she is eating lots but still losing weight then yes I would definitely take her to see a vet soon. there are several conditions which can cause wight loss and one of the most common is a thyroid condition.

best wishes Kate

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