strange behavior from my cat

by mango612

my cat is rolling around and rubbing herself on the floor..and making funny noises...she also comes up and rubs herself around my she in heat?...I've never noticed this before...she's about a year old I'd say...she just had a litter like 8 weeks ago..could she possibly be in heat again?...I would get her spayed but they the program that offers free spaying services in exchange for the litter says we have to wait about a month because the doctor doesn't come in everyday...what if she gets pregnant again?

btw...its our humane society that offers this free spaying services, in exchange for at least 2 of the kittens from her litter or all...but I don't like waiting around knowing that she could get pregnant again...

her meows are getting louder and louder... please help!

yes she is most definitely in heat again and yes she could get pregnant again if she is let out.

Your options are to keep her inside all the time until you can get her spayed or pay the fee to a private vet to have her done now.

It can be all too easy for a female cat to get pregnant again after her litter is born. If you can't keep her in then your only option is to have her spayed by a private vet. Here in the uk it costs between £40 and £65 i don't know what it would cost where you are.

Check around your local; area top get the bets price. Most vets won't spay until the litter is fully weaned which is between 8 to 12 weeks.

I would also mention that some vets will also spay even if the cat is pregnant and in the early stages. A friend of mine wrote this page about this issue for me here

If you can please try to prevent her from becoming pregnant again by keeping her in or having her spayed now. This is a very important issue for so many reasons from your cats health to the over population of kittens,as you will understand.

best wishes kate

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