Strange behavior out of my 6 year old cat

by Chrissy

This it a bit of a long story, but, I have 2 cats, Abby 12, and Rogue, 6. They're both spayed and get along fine for the most part.

Last summer we had to move, another long story, but that's unimportant.
At our new home there are several stray cats outside, which we feed because the prior occupants of the house fed them.
In September, I found 2 baby kittens outside by our porch. their mother wasn't taking care of them, none of the outside cats would go anywhere near them.
So, we've brought the kittens into the house and they live in our bathroom.

The kittens are both male, and I would estimate their age to be about 4/5 months. They haven't been neutered yet, but one of my neighbors works for an animal shelter and we're currently working on making rrangements fo rhtem to be taken in to have that done.

Now, my question here is... all of a sudden, Rogue is acting very odd.
she doesn't like the boys at all, and she sits outside the bathroom door and hisses.
I wouldn't think very much of this, but she didn't' do that at first/ In addition to that, she at first became very affectionate towards my husband and myself. I had assumed jealousy factor. but now all she does it hiss and growl at us, even if we don't have the kitten's smell on us.
she's acting very odd, running and jumping, attacking the wall O_o
Yesterday I walked into the bedroom to find her licking the top of a dresser...
and, she's smalls. It's not too terribly bad or noticeable, but... one
the now rare occasions when she /does/ cuddle up with one of us, we'll notice that our clothes have an oder afterwards.
I'm not really sure whats going on with hr. My husband is convinced that, even though she's spayed, having the make cats in the house are having an affect on her. that she's in heat even.
Is that even possible? can a spayed cat go into heat?

I realize that I need to speak with the vet, and that's on the top of my list for Monday. I'm just ... my curiosity gets the best of me and I was just wondering if anyone els ehad any ideas as to my cat's issue lol

Answer by Kate
well I'm not sure here. My first thought is yes she is definitely being affected by the odour of the male kittens, especially as during this time they would be coming into maturity. As for going into heat well that is physically impossible but the scent might be triggering a instinct reaction rather than anything physical.

but then when you talk about the smell of her and the licking, well I have not heard of this before and whether or not it is connected with the male kittens or is something entirely different I just can't say. I have heard of strange things happening and how some cats can react physically to some situations. So I think you are doing the right thing and asking your vet about it. he may have come across something similar before or he may want to examine your female cat to check for other issues.

Sorry i couldn't be of more help.

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