strange behavior when cat being pet

by kim

my cat suddenly started acting funny when I pet her back. She throws her head back, and licks herself uncontrollably?

Answer by Kate
well i have not come across this before. You sure that she has not got some discomfort in her back?
If not then it may just be a new reaction to stroking but if you do think it is particulaly strange then i would check with a vet just in case there could be something wrong with her back.
Anyone else come across this before that could advice Kim?

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Message cat by tail
by: Chris davis

When we massage our maincoon female cat on her spine by her tail she can't control her bottom legs so she slide across the floor then turns over to be rubbed on her stomach then comes back for more. She is fixed so i don't know whats the deal lol.

Back scratch issue
by: Anonymous

When I first adopted my baby I couldn't scratch her back without her almost crying. I looked closer and found that she had a severe rash. I took tea tree oil on a cotton ball and rubbed it on and within a few days it was healing and gone. She now loves to have her back scratched.

Euphoric licking experience
by: Anonymous

I've owned many cats (all fixed, only 1 female) and most (6 out of 7) LOVED being scratched at the base of their tail and to the left and right a bit too. Some lick their fur or the air excessively, some make a strange really loud purr/meehhh type noise (like when they are on hunt for fly around house), some will softly bite, lick or wipe their pheromones from their chin all over your other hand...strange yet fascinating creatures. The one that didn't like the back scratch was the one that allowed me to touch his belly which is hit or miss with all cats. They either love the belly rub or HATE the belly rub (cat proceeds to wrap claws around forearm, while kicking and biting until you can free yourself from it's belly rub hating vicegrip) All in all, your cat is normal if it goes a bit crazy while you scratch it's back.

my cat acts scared when i pet her
by: Anonymous

my cat lowers down when i pet her back and when i try to pet her head she tries to get away is she scared of me?

Uncontrollable licking
by: Gina

I too have a cat who does this strange behavior.some time she will even look like she is yawning with a funny sound.i think it may be a trigger spot..I've had a couple cats do this and make that strange sound.she doesn't seem bothered by it nor try to get me to stop.

my cats lower back
by: Anonymous

My cat 7 yrs old rescue cat, wants her back spine by tail scratched constantly. When I scratch her, she walks back and forth wanting me to scratch more. She is never wanting me to stop if i do she pouts and sleeps all day then the cycle starts over when she wakens. shes been fixed.. HELP

Sentive back
by: Anonymous

our cat has been licking the air and biting and just spazzing out when you rub her back...she did have a bad bout with fleas but we starting using advantage on her to keep them gone....she is 7 and she is overweight....i thought she had injured her back cause she jumps on and off of high areas even though shes big...we are going to take her for a vet visit...she is strictly indoors too...any suggestions???

Uncontrolllabe licking when pet on the back
by: Anonymoucatherines

My can't just recently started doing this. Then you pet her on her back towards the tail she turns her head and starts licking her shoulder uncontrollably. If you pet her more on the right side of her rear back she turns her head and starts doing it on the right side, if you do it more on the left she turns her head towards the left. I've tried to hold her head but she can't stop.
This is all new behavoir, she never did it before . No changes in her food, or enviroment. She is about 6 yrs old.
Anyone have an answer for this ?

Cat licking couch when touch on back.
by: Albert.

To add to your comment that our cat Daisy was the neighbor's cat that we got permission to keep.but she had a sore on her paw.we had solution to heal that paw and did heal.besides the touching of the back she is probably sensitive in that area.she licks in the middle of her paw alot that she got Healed.but the paw looks fine.does she gets itchy or what.she was skinny and under feed.outside untill we took her in to keep in doors.

Cat licking couch when touch on back.
by: Albert.

I have a cat if you touch the back area and she starts to lick the couch.she is a bit over weight I'm sure she's doe's this.we think she's 9or10 now is this normal.

Problem solved! Thank goodness!
by: Gatira

I took my kitty to the vet because of her sudden behavior when we would pet her back. As it turns out, she is a bit chubby and cannot properly clean that area. She cannot reach! There was built up dirt! She is an indoor kitty who is super clean and brushed regularly however there was dirt. Now we bathe the area with kitty shampoo and she's so happy now. It must have been itchy and irritated. Poor kitty! Give your kitty a bathe in that area. We also use the mousse shampoo available at the pet store for a touch up/dry shampoo. Such a simple solution. Thank goodness!

Touching cat back by tail
by: Anonymous

When I touch the hind quarter of my newly adopted cat she proceeds to try to bite me! Why? Any thoughts? She was extremely overweight when I adopted her and I have her on Blue Buffalo weight reduction food. She is doing great and losing weight. Why is she so sensitive in her rear back?

Crazy behavior
by: Anonymous

My male cat does this too. He was a stray, and the vet thought he was about 6 years old when we got him, and we had him fixed right away. When the base of his tale is scratched, he will jerk his head around and start licking the air, himself, or anything within reach. Seems like he is out of control of himself, because if you move from that spot a little, he will regain control and reach around and bite you. So I don't think he likes it very much, but is sure is funny to watch!

sexy cat?
by: Anonymous

My newly adopted kitty, 5 years old, spayed, mnakes the funniest noist (my kids call it brrrrmp brrrrmp)and you don't even have to pet her before she puts her rear in the air, paws furiously at the bed or wherever she is sitting, and almost rotates her rear end in the air. It is most embarrassing when people come to see my new kitty and she acts like this. Got her from Humane Society in WI. They said she bit when you pet her too long and don't stop. I think I was hoodwinked but I can't bear to take her back as she loves it being out of that cage waiting to be adopted.

I figured it out!! Cheers everone
by: Anonymous

For the past few days that i have pet my cat on the backshe swings her head back licking uncontrollably and then acts fine when i stop well i brushed her long fur upward and felt little specks... ( ew ) and so i looked in her fur and there were lots of tiny black dots and a bug i did some research and found that the black dots were flea dirt (poop, ew CANT BELIEVE I TOUCHED THAT) and the bug was a flea.
I suggest looking for this on your cat and if it doesn't happen to be there here is another idea
Sensitive nerves in the area you pet your cat your cat will do this sometimes if it has sensitive nerves in that area and I suggest you not pet yout cat there because i think it will cost lots of money to get it fixed IDK
But uhm btw im like 11 and NOW IM FREAKING OUT I HATE BUGSSSS ahhh

Both of our Cats do this also!
by: Carol

Our cats, sisters, are 7 years old, and they both do the same thing. if someone's arm is within reach, when we begin to pet their rumps, that arm will get licked and licked and licked. My friend, who is a boy, has long hairs on his arm, that one of our cats will lick and lick and then nibble his arm. Lately, she will lick the hairs into a clump and then rip/pull the hairs out! "She does not do this very often," he says, "which is a good thing, because it hurts!"

It is reassuring to read that someone else has had the good sense to take their cat to the vet; to have this behavior analyzed. It is also great to hear their cat is healthy, because lately I had been thinking that maybe one of my cats has dandruff, or is allergic to fleas, (or their excrement), because she seems to need to have her rump massaged/scratched a lot!

Quote "...her eyes squint, head goes back, tongue starts licking the air and she makes a weird low meow meow meow noise. Not sure if she likes it or what. She has also started licking the cushions on the couch for no apparent reason. She's a weirdo anyway. The vet says she's healthy and just a unique cat."

My Cat experiences it Too!
by: Tim

Hello,everyone. I seem to be experiencing the same thing as some of you guys are experiencing with one of the seven of my cats. The cat that's doing it is a long haired tuxedo cat named , Big Boy. Every time someone pets him on his lower back he just starts licking his front legs like crazy. He usually licks his front left leg but if i do it in a nearby different spot, he will lick his front right. Does anyone have an idea, Why he does this? I have been thinking something having to do with nerves but I don't think so anymore. Anyone?

cat weirdness
by: Anonymous

I have a 9ish yr old female, overweight cat (rescue, age not exactly known). I've had her for 4 yrs and in the last 6 months if you rub her side, right in front of her back leg...her eyes squint, head goes back, tongue starts licking the air and she makes a weird low meow meow meow noise. Not sure if she likes it or what. She has also started licking the cushions on the couch for no apparent reason. She's a weirdo anyway. The vet says she's healthy and just a unique cat. IDK.

cat licks herself when petted on back
by: martha

Our cat does that too. When we rub her back by her tail she will stretch her neck backward and start licking. It's so hilarious. I think she likes it. I don't think anythings wrong with her back.

Cat being pet on his back.
by: Grace

My male neutered yellow tabby bit me when I was stroking his back. His tail was twitching and I noticed that he "rippling feline" and I saw on UTUNE a cat with the same symptoms. It is called feline hyperesthesia (sensitive spinal nerves). Petting him on his back is painful to him. Now I don't touch is back and we get along fine.

by: robin

When I pet my cat on her back right by her tail she starts licking her side. We had her fix 2 months ago she didn't do that before we took her in to be fixed. Could it be a nerve thing?

rubbing or scratching a cat at there tail
by: Anonymous

i have always been told that when scratch a male right at there tail that you are massaging there prostate. that is why they act like they do when you are rubbing or scratching them right at the base of there tail. I am not for sure but i have had at least a dozen of people tell me this. it has all be older people.

cat licks herself under neck
by: michael

when i pet my cat on her head she licks herself on her neck. she does it more so when i pet her head then when i pet her any where else. me an her just moved from VA to WV last month an she just started doing this in the last 2 weeks. i dont understand why. i got her when she was a year old. she was a rescue cat. i got her from a foster family. when i got her in feb. they had all test none to cats ran on her an she was fine. she has had all her shots an been fixed. on feb 21st she was a year old. I dont understand why with in the last 2 weeks she just started this. they foster family gave her a flea pill every month an i do the same i give it to her every 30 days just like they did. Could any one help me figure out why when i pet her head she licks her neck?

obsessive licking
by: Anonymous

My 12 year old male licks the hair off both paws if you pet him anywhere, he's obsessive, can't stop him unless you hold his head and then he licks you uncontrollably.

my cat licks the same way
by: Anonymous

I also am having the same problem with my 10 yr old male cat. He has been fixed and he will do this a few times per yr and USUALLY will only last a short while, This time he is meowing to be rubbed down there and he is biting on his paws and ripping the fur out ! I as you ppl am hoping he will stop this as he usally does, Yes they all like it when you rub them near their butt area, but i am wondering WHY mine is biting and ripping out his fur on his paws..? Anyone else's cat doing what mine is, please let me know.....AGAIN, he is fixed and this time its lasting longer then normal, when it does end its like SUDDEN, All of a sudden he don't care and is back to normal.........I am concerned with this behaviour

by: Soj

most cats react similar when you scratch them on the lower back by the tail.
I'm not entirally sure, but i think its some kind of sexual stimuli that the cats get and they instinctivly want to lick everything in sight.

It is called the lick spot.
by: Elizabeth

It is called the lick spot. They have the "ass button" and the "lick spot." When you touch the base of their tail they raise their butts! When you touch a little bit to the side of that, they lick uncontrollably and claw at you. It is a trick breeders use sometimes.

This may help
by: Cyndi

My 12 year year old cat is kind of similar - when I scratch her lower back...he head moves all around and her tongue comes out in a licking motion...she is a tad chubby..can't get at that spot and loves it when I do it.

not sure, but
by: Anonymous

my cat has always done something like that. when you scratch a certain spot on her back down towards the tail, she starts licking uncontrolable. I think, from what i can tell, is that it is a spot that really itches and she has a hard time reaching it to scratch, so i think that it just feels really good.

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