Strange behavior!

by Nichole

I have two kittens, a brother & sister, age 8 months. He is neutered & she is spayed. They were very playful and happy when we left our home just 3 hours ago. When we returned from our shopping trip, neither of them were to be found! They are usually at the bottom of the stairs greeting us... We came up the stairs and couldn't find them. We found our boy hiding under the living room recliner and our girl on top of the dining room table. At first, we thought they had gotten into a fight. They never had before but I guess there's a first for everything! They were walking up to each other sideways with their tails large and fur sticking straight up... but then they were fine once them smelled one another... they have been together since they were born! It's been about an hour since we have been home. Our boy loves to eat and loves to get a kitten treat at the end of the day. Usually all I need to do is shake the treats and he comes running into the kitchen meowing. Tonight he came over to me slowly and then walked away and went back under the recliner. Our girl has shown no interest in anything and is acting deaf when we talk to her! She has had a large tail since we returned and is walking around the house very timid as if she is looking for something. We live in a second story apartment so I can't see a mouse or anything of that nature getting up here. I'm not sure what their problem is! Every little noise in the house makes them jump... I don't think they were in a fight-they are fine around each other... it is everything in their surroundings that is making them jump. Any answers as to what happened to my kittens in the few short hours we were gone?!

By the way-My husband and I both work full time jobs, so they are used to being alone for long periods of time and have never acted this way...

Answer by Kate
well it could be anything, perhaps a strange smell or even a loud bang from outside could have upset them. It is too early to say if it will effect them long term, generally not. they will calm down again and all will be aback to normal.

It is not uncommon for this behaviour to happen from time to time and trying to find out what may have caused it is often impossible.

Just treat them the same as you always would otherwise they will pick up on your anxiety.

best wishes Kate

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