Strange Behaviour - no answers found anywhere as yet!

by Catherine Freeman
(Hertfordshire, England)

Hi, my cat, Matilda, is nearly 2yrs old. I have had her since she was 9 weeks.

She comes when I call her name, she is affectionate and very playful. All her body language suggests she is a happy and contented cat. She eats and drinks well and looks healthy.

Except - she carries around my bras, undies, socks, pj's, and other clothes which she can hardly carry without tripping over them and hides them in corners of rooms. She then sits next to them and cries. She has even taken my bras outside and hidden them.

She also still suckles and kneads. She does this on fleece robes and pj's and its nearly every night. She sleeps under my bed but always suckles first and has a nap, then goes under the bed to sleep. This doesn't worry me so much as I have read about it and it seems quite a common thing.

Hope you can help to explain!


Answer by Kate
I don't think you need to worry about this behavior. I have had cats who do this also. My old cat used to take my watch, earmuffs, socks etc, in fact anything he could get hold of then I would find them piled up behind sofas etc.

Why they do it I am not sure except to say that these items will smell strongly of you and they may find of comfort to have things which smell of you. It may just be a baby mother thing where you are the mum. Some cats remain kittenish for some time and at 2 years old your cat is still very young and may still feel unsure of herself.

Gorgeous picture by the way.

best wishes Kate

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