Strange behaviour

Why did my cat poo on my brand new carpet? She hasn't gone to toilet in the house for a couple of months now. She is trained and goes outside so why has she done this today?

We had decorated a new bedroom and finally got in it today. We did have a lot of stuff that we moved out of our living room and so the house now looks completely different. Was this stressful for her and is this why she did it? Do cats mark their territory with poo? I thought they did that with urine. We just have no idea.

Answer by Kate
Cats don't like change and new smells and moved furniture is just the sort of thing that will make them feel uncertain and stressed. Defecating on the carpet was their way of trying to make the carpet smell more like them which helps to make them feel more secure.

Don't worry this is not bad behavior it is simple a cats way of making themselves feel better in a new or strange environment.

One the newness of it all al the new smells are gone your cat should settle down again.

You will have to make sure that you get rid if the poo smell and some of the new carpet smell straight away as the cat may do it again.

After cleaning the carpet you could use some dry bicarbonate of soda on the dry carpet leave for a few hours and then vacuum up, it is very good at neutralising smells.

best wishes Kate

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