Strange Cat Behavior

by Jim
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hey there. My cat, a 12 year old, female, spayed, and indoor Siamese, has recently begun wandering around the house all night and constantly meowing a low pitched meow. During the day she's pretty normal and mostly sleeps around the house and doesn't seem sick at all. This meowing particularly alarms me because we have two dogs who, while they would never bite the cats, love to chase them and my cat would not normally walk around making lots of noise. Her poor kitty voice is even becoming hoarse from all this meowing. I suspect that she may be getting restless due to the winter weather and being stuck in the house more than usual, but I can't be sure. Any input?


Answer by Kate
Hi Jim, well yes you could be right cats can get bored in the house and as night time is their natural time to be most active this would make sense.

However it could also have something to do with her age. As cats get older they can suffer from things like dementia or if there eye sight or hearing becomes affected they can feel more anxious. So it could be due to her age.

I have a couple of pages which you may find of further interest. One is about keeping inside cats happy and stimulated the other is about older cats.

hope they are of some help

best wishes Kate

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cat bereavement
by: Mark

Hi ; Last night our cat Piggly-Wiggly passed away. His buddy Nudnik, who has been Piggly's companion for ten years, has since been hiding under the bed and in dark corners, not eating, and crying out. We understand that this is normal behavior in these circumstances.
However, we noticed that he is walking as if his back legs were weakened, exactly as Piggly did in his last weeks of life. Have you ever heard of a cat having physical manifestations like this when they are grieving ?

Answer by Kate
No i have not. I don't know what your other cat dies of but it may be a good idea to take your cat to the vets in case there is some conection.

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