Strange habit

by Sarah

We have two cats, on male (13) and one female (12). They've grown up together, we got them both as kittens about 6 months apart.

The female has developed a strange habit over the past year or so...maybe even two years. She started out laying down to drink water, and she now also lays down to eat her dry food. However, I don't think she lays down to eat her wet food.
Is this a common behavior?

Answer by Kate
Well no not in my experience but someone else may no different.

It could simply be that it is more comfortable for her to be in this position. May be she is getting some joint pain as she gets older and standing and stooping for food is uncomfortable.

To be honest i don't know whether this is a problem or not. you have her checked by a vet just to be on the safe side. especially now she is getting older. Cat arthritis etc can be a issue for some older cats. It may even be a digestive problem, but to be honest only a vet will be able to check that out fully.

i do hope she is Ok and that there is nothing wrong.

best wishes Kate

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