Strange tail movements.

by Katelyn
(Lino Lakes, MN)

I have recently moved back in with my parents, bringing along my two female cats. One of my cats often stiffens up as she sticks her tail straight into the air shaking it quickly (think of what a rattlesnake looks like when it shakes, it's very similar to this motion). I'm wondering what it means when she does this. Should I be concerned?

it all depends really if this is a new behavior for your cat.

Any new strange behaviors can often be a sign of something wrong.

Check to make sure she does not have fleas and that her skin around the tail is ok. The back end is often a place for fleas to congregate and lay eggs and dirts etc.


Also rub your hand lightly over your cats back towards her tail to see if she give a negative reaction, ie cries out or moves away quickly etc. If she does then their may be some truama to the top of the spine and tail.

If this is not a new behavior than it may be something as simple as a strange stretch your cat has. i think i know what the motion looks like and i think i have seen my own cats do this sometimes. In their case it is nothing more than stretching themselves after sleep etc.

but if you are still concerned or feel that it could be something more, then a visit to your vets will help to put your mind at rest etc.

best wishes kate

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by: dianne

I have had cats for 37 out of 40 years including breeding. I currently have two grandmother ad grandaughter ages 7 and 4. I have recently let a male stray cat in for a night(huge STINKIN mistake) never again .Anyway, since he sprayed my 4 year old female has been shaking her tail but i have not seen spraying. She is definitetly the dominent cat in the family and given the most attention. We all adore her and hope this is not a behavioral issue.

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